Premium Tip winners for August

1st Nap Cuban Breeze wins 17/2

Bankawi close 2nd 4/1

2nd Dors Toyboy beaten into second by a short head at 9/1

3rd Qoya A close 3rd at 6/1

Dandy’s Gold close 2nd 6/1

4th Crystal Casique 2nd beaten a short head at 7/1

5th Billy Roberts wins 9/2

Hurt You Never placed 8/1

Bankawi , 2nd beaten a nose at 4/1

Whistledown 2nd 3/1

No service from the 6th – 8th – Unexpectedly hospitalised . Thanks for the many messages of concern and good wishes . It was an infection causing my temperature to rise to 40.6 and resulted in whole body rigors for 3 hours , total confusion , low BP and oxygen levels , but thanks to the wonderful NHS , I’m well and truly on the mend .

9th Nap Nine Elms wins 10/3

Detective wins 3/1

10th Hi Ho silver placed 11/1

Be Lucky My Son 2nd 7/1

Mistrix 2nd 3/1

11th No returns from 4 tips

12th Zulu Tracker wins 15/8

Persian Royale wins 6/4

13th Justanotherbottle placed 9/1

Raddle and Hum placed 6/1

14th 2 places 11/4 & 8/1

15th No returns from 4 tips

16th Nap Galore wins 3/1

Twilight Madness placed 15/2

17th Madorigo wins 13/2

Gangway wins 10/3

Cuban Breeze placed 13/2

18th Indian Dream close 2nd 6/1

19th Al Marmar placed 25/1

20th Dual Identity close 2nd 14/1

21st Stanhope placed 11/1

22nd Macs Dilemma wins 9/2

23rd Judge Earle wins 7/2

24th No returns from 4 tips

25th Tregony wins 5/1

Nap. Badri wins 9/1

Galiac close 2nd 4/1

Other tip finished 4th !

26th All 4 tips finished 1 place away from the frame , all at good odds

No returns from 4 tips

27th Isle Of Lismore wins 6/1

Star Shield beaten a nose at 12/1

Miss Jungle Cat close 2nd at 9/1

Grand Ambassador close 3rd at 7/2

28th No returns from 4 tips

29th Sly Madam wins 11/1

30th No Returns from 4 tips

31st No returns from 4 tips

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